Siemens XFP Interface

The XFP interface is a dedicated interface for collecting data from Siemens XFP MES system. The interface collects batch and batch associated parameters and its values through querying Siemens XFP historian, represented by the Oracle server. The XFP Interface is a scan-based interface that populates PI System with batch data in form of Elements, EventFrames and its attributes. In addition to batch data, the interface can populate the PI Point Database. PI Point creation, commonly known as tag creation and event population, is controlled by using Attribute definitions in interface’s configuration file. The interface performs automatic binding/referencing between pairs: AF Elements – AF EventFrames and AF Attributes – PI Points. To update PI Points with new values. The flow of data in the interface is unidirectional—that is, data can only be read from the specified data source and written to the PI System. By design, the interface does not edit or delete source data.

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