Systems Integration

We use our expertise to integrate your in-place systems, or design ways to remediate them in low risk ways.

What we do

We help you integrate your systems, or design ways to remediate them in low-risk ways.

You likely have multiple control systems, devices, PLC's, networking protocols, databases, offline analyzers and domains in every plant.

Our teams can help you analyze and identify how to best integrate all your systems, and if required, provide the project management and engineering services to complete all stages of that integration.

Data Integration

We help you collect, contextualize and consolidate 
your data for use


Depending on your chosen data historian, you can use off-the-shelf software to start collecting your data immediately
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Non-Networked Devices

Enable data collection from legacy devices and offline systems you didn’t think you could connect. Capture electronic data from devices, even if they just have a serial port
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Reverse Engineering

We can do in-depth analysis of your systems controllers, network, application code, and even relational database — to understand how to acquire their data
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System Remediation

Implement less well-known features of well-known software to improve data capture or add hardware solutions that enable communications
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Advanced Interfaces

If no native options match your needs, our software development team can build a custom integration for you
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Data Integration Expertise

We solve the complex systems networking, remediation and data collection problems so you can focus on improving your business.
  • Ethernet Enabled Controllers and HMI's

    Utilizing industry-best solutions to configure communication between devices and data collectors
  • Many DH+ Devices

    Consolidate and integrate many devices that only support DH+ connectivity, and do not have ethernet capabilities
  • PanelView Devices

    Capture data from older PanelView Plus devices, where PLC's are not connected or do not have that capability.
  • Offline Analyzers

    Networking and capturing data from lab devices and offline analyzers.
  • Protecting validated state

    Avoid affecting validated state of Scada / PLC private network, while making devices accessible from the plant network.
  • Cross-Domain Authentication

    Utilizing DCOM across domain boundaries, with no changes to validated source systems.
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