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Expertise & Capabilities

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Data Infrastructure
Project Management
Modelling & Analytics
Quality Assurance

Subject Matter Experts

Our SMEs have gained the experience to truly become experts through years of study/certification, practical hands-on delivery, and process analysis and modelling.
Our SMEs will advise, enable and deliver solutions such as:
  • Data warehousing strategies
  • Business intelligence enablement
  • Multivariate analysis and process analytics technology strategies
  • Data visualization and analytics
  • Solving complex legacy equipment integrations
  • Global IT hardware and software selections
  • All things OSI-PI

Managing/Lead Consultant

TQS Lead Consultants are professionals with experience delivering and managing large-scale projects. They can be relied upon to lead project teams, and to design and socialize OSI-PI projects and data intelligence standards.
Our Lead Consultants will deliver projects including:
  • Greenfield PI system rollouts
  • Concurrent integration of 20+ process control systems
  • Development, design and rollout of enterprise standards across multiple plants
  • Development of data warehousing strategies
  • Design of reporting and visualization standards

PI Consultant

With OSIsoft certification and in-depth product suite experience, our PI Consultants will help you define and improve OSI-PI and data intelligence standards.
Our PI Consultants will implement projects such as:
  • Part 11 compliant reports and validation
  • Integration of batch execution systems and various other control systems
  • OSI-PI software deployments and upgrades (production, GxP-controlled environments)

Software Engineers

Our Software Engineers have OSIsoft PI System Product certification and practical product experience.
All engineers are provided with dedicated one-on-one time with a TQS SME to directly transfer the best-in-class knowledge and expertise.
TQS engineers will assist you in the engineering, administration and development works for all your OSI-PI and data intelligence needs.

Project Manager

With multiple years’ experience managing and delivering technical solutions, our PMs are well positioned to help you with team, budget and time management; stakeholder reporting; and project leadership.
Our PMs can manage delivery on projects such as:
  • Global programs, managing many simultaneous projects
  • Establishment of new systems
  • Development and deployment custom applications and reporting
  • All things OSI-PI

Data Modelling Specialist

Specialists in design and rollout of data models to support BI, MVA and PAT software platforms.
Our Data Modelling Specialists will advise, enable and deliver solutions such as:
  • Data governance strategies
  • Expertise in applications such as OSIsoft PI, SIMCA, Seeq, TrendMiner, SynTQ and more
  • Model design within MVA (e.g., Simca) and PAT (e.g., SynTQ) software tools
  • Bespoke report design within all modern BI tools (e.g., T-SQL)
  • BES, MES systems recipe design review(s)
  • Multiple programming languages: .Net, Python, R, T-SQL

DevOps Consultants

TQS DevOps Consultants are professionals with experience delivering and managing large-scale projects. They can be relied upon to lead project teams, and to design and socialize Continuous Integration and Deployment standards.
Our DevOps Consultants will deliver projects including:
  • CI/CD strategies
  • Optimized build pipelines for rapid deployments
  • Multiple languages: .Net, Python, Bash, Terraform
  • Solving complex legacy software deployments
  • Networking architecture and design

Software Developers


Quality Managers

Our Quality Managers have over 15 years’ experience and a proven track record in validation and quality roles. They’re responsible for leading the quality team at TQS, supporting products and services, and ensuring the continual improvement in quality systems. 


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