Livepoint X

Livepoint X

Livepoint X is a Scalable Application Platform for real-time data Visualization and Data Analysis. It works side by side with the OSIsoft PI System and Asset Framework while having the capability to connect to a multitude of other systems. Livepoint X delivers data to users from Management through to operators in an easy to use manner on any device.

Livepoint X is a Dash-boarding platform combined with a collection of out of the box applications including Energy Monitoring, Alarm Management, Continuous Process Verification, Batch Schedule Analysis, Advanced Batch Analysis, IT Monitoring and MES Data Analysis among others.

Livepoint X is an Enterprise Ready platform with Self Service Dash boarding all in one. Built as a platform it allows customers to not only extend all aspects of Livepoint from extensibility on front end components and customization of existing applications by themselves but also allow them to build full blown applications on top of the Livepoint X platform saving time and money that would otherwise be consumed by building applications from the ground up.

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