Event Frame Linker Interface

OSI PI AF is used by pharmaceutical companies to track processes occurring within their plant. The Event Frames feature allows the capture of process events which enables users to put operational context to time series data.

Event Frames are captured via interfaces to many different systems MES, DCS, PLCs, etc. And these individual Event Frames are captured at many different stages of the process contextualizing the data for that individual stage of the process but not giving the full picture during analysis of the complete cycle of the batch.

With that goal in mind TQS have developed and released the Event Frame Linker to solve this problem in a generic and agnostic way, building an interface configured via a GUI to define the rules upon which any event frames should be linked and then processing all events in real-time versus any event frame and dynamically linking the events together so that on analysis or extraction of data the full picture is available to the end user.

Level Set

Predicate (filter)

The Level Set Predicate allow the software to filter Event Frames into a Level Set. A Predicate can be composed of a number of sub-predicates which can evaluated together with an and/or operator.

Types of Predicates:

Conditions are used inside Extended Property Matches, Conjunctions can be used to group both Conditions and Extended Property Matches (but not both types together).


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