Batch and RT Reports Synchronization Utility

The BSU application is designed to copy PI Batches (with PI Properties), PI Unit Batches, PI Subbatches, MDB PI Modules (with PI Properties and PI Aliases) and RtReports configuration from a source PI Server to a destination PI Server directly or via intermediate XML data-files. The application was designed for the purpose of moving all PI Batch and RtReports data to a new or centralized PI Server allowing for seamless move of all data from on PI System to another without interruption to reporting or compliance requirements.

Standalone Application
Batch and RtReports Synchronization Utility (BSU) is a lightweight windows based standalone application, providing full required data migration functionality with minimum system footprint.

Run Once
BSU is designed to run once only. Continuous and scan based modes are not supported. User can validate or re-migrate Batches, UnitBatches, Assets and/or RtReport configuration data by running utility again.

Infrastructure Independent
BSU supports both direct synchronization from one PI server to another and synchronization via XML data files which makes it possible to transfer the data from the source PI Server to the destination PI Server in case the servers are located on different networks and there is no direct connection between the two.

Batch and RtReports Synchronization Utility (BSU) provides two options for batch data synchronization between a source and destination OSIsoft PI Server. The diagram below illustrates these options.

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