Routine Health Check is all about preventative measures and prescriptive maintenance.

We will identify short-, medium- and long-term PI system maintenance opportunities for you. 
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There’s no point in trying to invest in a system like OSIsoft PI if you are not willing to set it up correctly and ensure it’s being utilized efficiently. You have made the investment and put your data historian in place to collect data from your manufacturing assets, so let us help you by checking on your OSIsoft PI historian system to ensure it is working effectively and efficiently.

We will identify short-, medium- and long-term process manufacturing system maintenance opportunities for you. In the short-term, it is about ensuring the system is reliable and running efficiently. In the medium- to long-term, it’s about preventative measures, innovation, accelerating technology and ensuring readiness of system upgrades.

TQS global delivery team provide end-to-end service management. Our certified product and accredited experts take a focus approach and deploy industry leading methodologies to all our manufacturing system Health Check projects. We can check for known vulnerabilities as well as the critical application parameters of your system.  

We provide routine OSI PI system Health Checks which are typically executed remotely for each site monthly or quarterly depending on the suitability of each client. Findings will be actioned promptly and incorporated into a regular report.

If left unchecked, clients run the risk of unplanned system downtime causing site disruption and ultimately loss of time and revenue. Health Checks ensure readiness for manufacturing audits as it demonstrates the system is being maintained and continuously improved upon. Aside from being able to identify undefined communication escalation structures, routine Health Checks can also support manufacturing system and data integrity leading to maximised end user satisfaction. Aside from being able to identify undefined communication escalation structures.

Let’s take RT reports for example. Should RT reports ever go down, it means the products cannot be shipped. With routine Health Checks, you can ensure that RT reports are optimally configured for manufacturing regulatory compliance release. As an enhancement to process manufacturing audit trails, having a proper regular Health Check in place, will ensures the system is maintained and ready for regulatory audits (FDA, EMA etc.)

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