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We help you maximize the potential of your data to make smarter business decisions.
  • TQS is very well placed throughout Europe and they are one of the strongest PI integrators around.

    Leo Pharma

  • We have seen a really good increase in utilization… an 11% increase is massive for the site.

    DePuy Synthes

Our Expertise

Contextualising, Integrating & Optimising Businesses Data Infrastructure through PI Systems & Advanced Data Analytics.

We help you at each stage of your data intelligence journey. TQS enables manufacturing plants to maximize the use of their data infrastructure through advanced data analytics. We do this by pulling and integrating data from all sources into a data historian followed by contextualizing this data. Then, we give it back to the key stakeholders in a usable and easy to read format through computerized batch reporting. The data integration process involves combining different data sets from your organization and presenting them in a unified way. Integrating the contextual data will allow businesses to make best of use of their data by making optimized business decisions, reducing downtime, improving productivity, and releasing vital data to the organization. The overall data infrastructure of your company will be displayed in a much more comprehensible manner with less room for error with our advanced data analytics. Pharmaceutical companies for example carry out batch manufacturing on a large scale and so will be able to save time and money through an optimized data infrastructure.

OSIsoft PI System

Our PI system also allows us to contextualize organizations data in way which banishes all complexity allowing businesses to optimize their data infrastructure. Through the stages of collecting, analyzing, and visualizing the data, the PI system will optimize data of multiple formats to aid businesses operations such as batch manufacturing. It’s important to do so to remain innovative against competition and make smarter business decisions.

What sets us apart?

Providing data intelligence solutions for over 23 years, we have the experience to solve your data challenges — no matter how complex.
Specialized Support
With the largest number of certified OSIsoft PI engineers in the world, we are equipped to help you use data to empower your business.
Our global reach lets us help you regardless of your location.
Customized Solutions
We can create bespoke solutions that fit your exact needs.
Select Partner
Our clients have nominated us as premium select partners:
Global digitization partner for Pfizer
Global managed solutions partner for J&J
Preferred Solutions Partner
We bring you the right solutions with our best fit technology solution partners :
Premium partner of OSIsoft
Partner of Seeq, TrendMiner and SynTQ

Some of our clients

  • AbbVie
  • AstraZeneca
  • Biogen
    Eli Lilly
  • Gilead
  • Kerry Group
    Naked Juice
  • Novartis
    Novo Nordisk
  • Roche
  • Teva

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